Sports Assembly

Sports Assembly

Sports Assembly

An Assembly of Nice People

Planning 2023-24

Sports Activities:

*swimming Competitions under various age group

*Intra Club Badminton Tournament

*Intra Club Carrom Tournament

*Intra Club Table Tennis Tournament

*Intra Club Cricket Tournament

*Coaching of Cricket, Table Tennis & Badminton

*Roller Skating for Children

*Yoga classes for morning walkers

* Karate Coaching Classes for ladies and kids below 14 years.



Other Plannings:

*Swimming Pool during summer

*Beautification of Children Park

*To update Club’s Website

*To Prepare Club’s Members Profile and Identity Card

*To make Affiliation with Different Clubs

*To Publish Club Bulletin at regular intervals

*Regular Indoor and Outdoor Sports Activities

*Regular Family Programmes for Club’s Members


Entertainment Programmes:

*Summer Camp for Children

*Boogie Woogie Contest for Member’s Children

*SaReGaMa Contest

*Talent Show

*Sit & Draw Competition

*Grand Gala Musical Antakshari

*Shravanotsav  for Ladies 

*Vijaya and Deepawali Milan

*Swagatam Nav-Varsham

*Holi Milan

*Cooking Competition

*Kite Festival on Makar Sankaranti


*Kavi sammelan